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About Whitney


Whitney Wilkins

Registered Dietitian

Whitney Wilkins is an innovative registered dietitian who meets clients where they are and propel them into healthier lifestyles. With attainment of a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Nutrition, she possesses 10 years of experience in the field of nutrition. Whitney provides medical nutrition therapy to patients and clients by coordinating all phases of nutrition therapy.

These phases include, but are not limited to, nutrition assessments, accountability follow-ups, mindful eating tips, and nutrition education. Her areas of focus have included healthy weight loss/ gain, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, hypertension, nutrition support, neurology intensive care, pediatrics, and behavioral health.


“If you’re anything like me, you hate fad diets but you also hate going through the motions regarding your weight, the scale, and your relationship with food. Whitney delivered education, reinforcement, and most of all encouragement. Don’t wait to start your journey, I’m glad I didn’t!” -R. Hatcher

My Mission

Quality and Effective Nutrition Counseling approaches eating habits intuitively by helping clients listen to their bodies. Clients acquire the skillset to eat their specific nutrient requirements so their bodies can operate at its most optimum level! Q & E understands the confusion and lack of nutrition related knowledge our culture possess. This lack of knowledge leads to common chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. All which can be prevented with adequate nutrition.

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