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Autumn Seasonal Produce

Tis the season for layering, jackets, boots, and hats! Just like every season, there are great nutritious fruit and vegetables produced in abundance. This Autumn is no different! Below you will find popular fruit and popular vegetables in season for this fall. Fruits and vegetables within season are cheaper and easier to snag when in the fresh produce section or farmer’s market!

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are high in potassium and fiber. Plus, they have components called antioxidants identified as Beta- Carotene which give them great flavor and aroma characteristics. This treat comes just in time for our seasonal joy this Fall. Of course, moderation with any food item is key, but try adding these to your lunch or dinner!


Another fall favorite is squash of all types (Acorn, Butternut, & Summer). Whether its acorn squash or spaghetti squash, they all add something new and different for a meal. Butternut squash are typically sweeter in flavor than summer squash. Feel free to remix these food items and make them your own! Butternut and Acorn squash are considered starchy vegetables so enjoy them in moderation.


Raspberries are also in season for the fall. Like other fruit and vegetables in season, you’ll find them at a lower price in your nearby grocery store. According to the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, intake of flavonoid rich foods such as raspberries are associated with lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Raspberries are also a great source of potassium. Adequate potassium intake also assists in lowering risk of death from heart disease. But most importantly, raspberries contribute to skin health with its vitamin c components by reducing discoloration and age spots. What a treat, literally!


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